Give Up Facebook And Become Less Depressed: Researchers Claim People Who Give Up Facebook Are More Happy And Are Better With Money

A recent study concluded that giving up Facebook can help people become less depressed, more productive, and better with money.

In the study, people compared the activities of over 1750 students who either gave up Facebook for some time and students who stayed using Facebook.

Researchers also found out that people who quitted Facebook didn’t have a lot of access to news and had less awareness of fake and non-mainstream news.

Economist Roberto Mosquera of the Universidad de las Americas, Ecuador and colleagues studied 1765 Facebook-using students at the Texas A&M University.

The researchers who were conducting the studies divided the 1765 Facebook-using students into 2 groups.

The study found out that students who went off social media became more productive, were less depressed, were exercising, and were better with money.

In the study, the researchers wrote, “Facebook has significant effects on important aspects of life not directly related to building and supporting social networks.”

The researchers who were conducting the study asked the 1765 Facebook-using students on how much they would want to be paid in compensation if they gave up Facebook for 7 days.

Researchers found out that most of the participants who stopped using Facebook for one week only asked $67 USD.

Along with the financial and the health benefits of quitting Facebook for a week, researchers found out that people who didn’t use Facebook didn’t have access to news.

The researchers wrote, “The Facebook restriction reduces news consumption and participants do not substitute towards other news sources or social media platforms when being of Facebook for a short period of time.”

The researches added, “There is no effect on news awareness from mainstream sources.”

Students who quit Facebook who became less aware of politically skewed news sources, and the effects that were seen were stronger in men.

This means using Facebook allows users to have access to fake news.

If you want to read the entire study, feel free to take a look at the Experimental Economics, a journal.

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