Motorola Officially Unveils New Razr Foldable Smartphone

Motorola, a tech giant, has unveiled its latest smartphone, which is their newly improved “Razr” smartphone.

There was a time when almost everyone on this planet had a Motorola phone or when everyone knew the Motorola Razr Phone.

But with the rise of the flip-phone, it also died after a couple of years.

When touchscreen phones were launched by Samsung, LG, Apple, and other tech giants, the Nokia phones and other companies died a natural death.

But Motorola had other plans.

With their latest unveil, Motorola just used their flip phone tech and submerged it with the latest foldable screens, which are similar to Samsung’s Galaxy Fold.

The latest unveil of the company has a 6.2 inch foldable plastic OLED panel and Android 9 pie.

Something most of the people did not like was its huge price.

The Motorola Razr phone is going to cost you US$1,499 (£1,166) when it drops in January next year.

The phone is going to have 6 Gigabytes of RAM, 128 Gigabytes of Internal Storage, a 16 Megapixel front-facing camera, which is in night vision mode, a 5 Megapixel Internal Camera, a USB-C port for fast charging, and an eSIM slot.

The processor of the phone is still not mentioned.

Here is the full review of the Motorola Razr Phone 2020:

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