Vladimir Putin Wants To Replace Wikipedia With Russian Version That Will Have “Reliable Information”

A new law in Russia came into effect, which gave the Russian Government full authority to isolate its own internet, and now the president of Russia says he wants to have his own version of Wikipedia.

President Vladimir Putin says the Russian Government wants to have a more reliable Wikipedia type of platform running.

The statement was made by President Putin when he was at a meeting with the Russian Language Council in Kremlin.

President Putin says he wants to replace Wikipedia with a Russian version that has more reliable information about everything.

President Putin reportedly said, “It’s better to replace it with the Big Russian new encyclopedia in electronic form…here it will be in any case, reliable information in a good modern form.”

In September this year, the government of Russia announced that they are planning to spend $1.7 billion to create a Russian version of Wikipedia.

Russia wants to create the website starting next year throughout 2022.

The latest statement of Mr. Putin comes a day after a new law went into effect in their country.

Their new law gives Russian Authorities to disconnect their internet from the rest of the world, which will form a nationwide internet for themselves.

By 2021, Russia also wants to develop an independent Russian Domain Name System that will give the government of Russia the entire control of which sites users will get access too.

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