11 people confirmed dead and 25 injured after speeding bus rams into a truck in Jharkhand

11 people have been confirmed dead after a speeding bus got into an accident with a truck in NH2 in Jharkhand.

Preliminary investigations reveal that the double-decker bus experienced a brake failure.

The police said that the accident happened near the Danua-Bhanua area on NH2.

The double-decker bus was on its way to Masauree, Patna and was coming from Ranchi.

During an interview with ANI, Saurabh Kumar, a passenger of the bus, said, “The bus was running at a speed of 120 km/h when we got to know that the breaks are not working. The bus driver tried to control the speeding bus but it rammed into a truck coming from the opposite side. The lower deck of the bus got completely damaged and the passengers were pulled out from the bus after the accident.”

Another passenger of the bus said that the driver was shouting out that the breaks of the bus were not working.

The 25 injured passengers of the bus are currently being treated at a hospital in Ranchi.

During an interview with ANI, Manish Kumar, a senior Police Officer, said, “We have visited the accident spot with the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) team earlier as well, and that spot has been declared as a ”Black Spot” because at least 150 people have died in a road accident in the last six months on the same spot. We will be visiting the accident spot again with NHAI team for further research after this incident.”

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