11-Year-Old Boy With Autism Tried To Commit Suicide After He Was Hit Over The Head 12 Times With A Metal Pole By Bullies

An 11-year-old boy tried to commit suicide after he was hit in the head 12 times with a metal pole by bullies at his school.

Jake, who has autism, was really scared after the attack and even developed post-traumatic post disorder.

Jake, who is now 14-years-old, was left with serious injuries on his face, knees, shoulders, arms, and heads.

Jake was out of school for 3 months after the incident happened.

The bullies attacked him for consecutive days and they were expelled from school.

Diane, the mother of Jake, said her son was attacked by 10 boys on the first day and on the second day, which was the last day of the school term, a bully did the horrific act.

The bully who hit him with a pole was 2 years older than him.

During an interview with Derbyshire Live, Diane said, “He had been dealing with bullies for a few months and I was getting to the point where I didn’t want him to even go to school. He was hit with a metal bar that had a hook on the end of it and he was struck 12 times. His head was physically misshapen. He was inconsolable.”

She added, “He had PTSD and a mental breakdown and was off school for three months. I wasn’t letting him go back there. He tried to kill himself when he was 11. He was reliving it in his sleep, crying and begging for help – it was just heartbreaking to see.”

Jake has a hard time explaining his feelings to his mom.

Diane said Jake has undergone 2 years of counseling but is still having a hard time coping up with anxiety.

Jake does not feel safe on his own.

Jake also has a hard time going on trips with his family as he has a hard time with large groups.

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