350 bottles of beer, 300 bottles of liquor, and cocaine were seized during a raid in a rave party in Chattarpur, New Delhi

Last night, the Delhi Excise Department seized around 650 bottles of liquor during a raid in a rave party that was being held in Chattarpur, New Delhi.

The raid was carried out on the evening of June 8, 2019, by the excise department of New Delhi and the police.

The police also seized a number of drugs, which includes cocaine.

The rave party was being held at a big hall in Chattarpur, the hall is owned by a fashion design company.

According to the police, minors were also drinking alcohol during the rave party. Most of the attendants of the party were from Faridabad, Noida, and Gurgaon.

The police released an official statement about the bust, they said, “We have seized over 300 bottles of liquor and around 350 beer bottles from the party’s venue. Liquor meant for sale in Haryana was also being served at the party.”

Cocaine was also seized from the rave party.

15 members of the organizing team of the rave party have been detained by the police.

The members are currently being questioned by the police and a probe has been launched for the rave party.

The police are trying to find out where they got the drugs from.

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