70-Year-Old Air Force Veteran Battling Cancer Runs Inside Burning House To Save Sleeping Neighbors

A 70-year-old Air Force veteran from Salem, Illinois, is currently being hailed as a hero after he managed to save his neighbors from a house fire.

According to reports, Marshall Helm, the veteran, ran inside a burning house to save his neighbors.

He is currently being hailed as a hero.

Marshall Helm was walking his granddaughter to the bus stop earlier in the morning when the bus driver pointed out that there were smoke and flames coming out from a house.

Helm ran over to the endangered house and threw open the garage door.

Flames ended up climbing up one of the building walls, but despite the dangers that were there, Helm ran inside the building.

Helm is also battling cancer.

The army vet did not hesitate to charge past the flames and inside the house.

He just wanted to make sure his neighbors were safe.

Gary Benjamin and Gary Benjamin, his neighbors, were sleeping upstairs when they woke up to hear Helm shouting about the fire.

At first, they were extremely confused, but they managed to run inside the hallway and escape with Helm by going out of the house through the back door.

Flames were engulfing the garage door, so it was not accessible for an emergency exit.

Thanks to the quick actions of Helm, the Benjamin family only suffered minor smoke inhalation.

Despite losing their entire house in the fire, the family said they are just grateful that Helm saved their lives.

Helm is currently being hailed by locals as a life-saver and the Benjamin family said that Helm is their “hero, he is our angel”.

You can help the Benjamin family recover from the fire by donating to at their GoFundMe campaign.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family, may they recover from the trauma this incident has brought.

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