Autistic Kid Starts To Talk Days After CBD Oil Treatment

Jonathan Jr, a kid who has autism, was having a hard time in coping up with all the people around him due to his medical condition.

Jonathan Valenzuela, the father of Jonathan, said his son would get into 10 accidents per day due to autism.

The father of Jonathan Jr. said he can still recall bringing his son to a party, where he attacked every kid that came to him.

Tavi Valenzuela, the mother of Jonathan Jr., said his son had his worst year in September 2016, where they had a hard time focusing on their other kids and their jobs due to the tantrums and other problems that were brought in by their son.

Tavi and Jonathan said Jonathan Jr. would sometimes cry all night and would have problems in socializing.

The parents said the tantrums of their son would usually last from 1 to 3 hours.

Jonathan Jr. also had a hard time sleeping and couldn’t understand what her parents would say.

But everything changed when the parents started to give their kid medical marijuana.

The parents decided to use Medical Marijuana after an incident, where Jonathan Jr. went on a rage and hit other kids at a party.

Talking about if they used any sort of medication for their son, Tavi said they didn’t want to use the medicines available for autism due to the side-effects they have.

Tavi said she talked to her husband about Medical Marijuana one night when they were exhausted from the things that were happening.

Jonathan, the father of Jonathan Jr., said his kid went to sleep for straight hours for the first time when they gave him medical marijuana in the form of oil.

Jonathan added they had to check on his son to see if he was alright because he usually doesn’t sleep for that long.

Tavi said her son spoke her first sentence days after they started to use CBD Oil.

They couple give the CBD Oil to Jonathan Jr. 3 times a day and would mix it in yogurt so their son wouldn’t have to cope up with the taste of the oil.

Tavi said they knew they were doing the right thing after their teachers, therapists, and other people saw dramatic changes in how Jonathan Jr. was behaving.

Jonathan Jr. wants to become a doctor and a scientist when he grows up.

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