5-Year-Old Autistic Boy Who Pooped In His Pants Was Forced By Cruel Teacher To Sit In Class For 2 Hours

A 5-year-old special needs boy was forced to sit in class for 2 hours after he pooped in his pants by a cruel special education teacher who wanted to prove a point.

The incident reportedly happened at the Frey Elementary School in Georgia.

According to official reports, Kelly Lewis, the teacher, forced the 5-year-old boy, who soiled his pants, to remain seated in his seat for nearly 2 hours, trying to teach him a lesson about restroom habits.

Lewis forced the boy to sit on his own poop, causing him pain, mentally and physically.

According to a witness, the 5-year-old boy “suffered redness and irritation to his buttocks as well as mental pain as a result of the teacher’s actions.”

Lewis is being accused of Cruelty to a Child in the Second Degree.

Lewis was sent to jail and had a $5000 bond order.

She was told not to return to the school and to avoid any contact with the 5-year-old special needs victim.

Lewis was also asked to stay away from children that are under the age of 16-years-old.

Cobb County Jail records show she was booked on December 4, 2019, she was released on the same day.

Stacey Ramirez, the State Director of The Arc of Georgia, a non-profit organization that helps people with mental and intellectual disabilities, released a statement about the incident.

The statement said, “As a mom, [this story] put me in that place and my point is this isn’t over … just because [the teacher] had some action taken, it’s not over for that family. It’s my hopes that they work through the anger now but then work to heal going forward so that when their son is 25 he won’t be still reliving the injustice of what’s been done.”

It added, “I assume there will be long term consequences and emotional scarring that will stay with this child and the family.”

The spokesperson of the Cobb County School District confirmed that they know what happened in the incident.

The statement released by the spokesperson stated, “We recently learned that a staff member may not have provided the high level of care for a student that Cobb Schools requires. Parents have been notified, and this staff member is out on administrative leave pending the conclusion of the investigation.”

Due to the state and federal privacy laws, the spokesperson did not share any more information about the incident.

The Frey Elementary School, where the incident happened, did not release any statement about the incident.

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