IKEA Buys 11,000 Acres Of US Forest To Keep It From Safe From Developers And Fragmentation

Doing their own job!

IKEA has bought 11,000 acres of forest in the USA to keep it safe from developers.

IKEA is currently remaining true to its principals, which is to protect the environment and become a top carbon neutral company while remaining one of the world’s most pleasurable shopping experience.

The latest move is a large purchase of 11,000 acres of forest in Georgia.

IKEA bought it to keep it safe and so it could not be developed.

The forest was bought by IKEA as part of a strategy to reduce more carbon than it creates through its value chain.

The working forest in the Altamaha Basin is currently owned by Ingka Group, which is owned by IKEA. The group has worked with the Conservation Fund, a non-profit organization that is protecting over 8 million acres of forests in the USA from development and fragmentation.

A working forest is harvested and is regrown for business.

Larry Selzer, the President and CEO of the Conservation Fund, released a statement about the new act by IKEA.

They said:

Well-managed forests provide essential benefits, including clean water and important wildlife habitat, as well as mitigating climate change. The transfer of these lands to Ingka Investments completes our Working Forest Fund process, through which we identify and buy important, at-risk private forests; develop sustainable harvest and restoration plans; (and) secure permanent conservation protections to block fragmentation and development.

Ingka Group said that they bought the 10,840 acre property in southeast Georgia from The Conservation Fund, a conservation organization.

The property is going to be managed by investment arm Ingka Investments.

They said in a statement:

The acquisition strengthens Ingka Group’s commitment to responsible forest management, as conservation measures are fully included in the forest management plans.

Amazing job!

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