Biker Loses Eye After Getting Hit By Egg Thrown From Speeding Car

Warning! Some of the images below can be distressing! 

A motorcyclist was left howling with pain after he got blinded in one eye following a horrible attack from a car passing by.

31-year-old Marc Toone was hit in the face by an egg as he drove on Newton Lane, Wigston, Leicestershire, on Friday evening.

Despite the fact that he was rushed to a hospital in the area by his fiancé, the doctors said they couldn’t save his right eye.

A 17-year-old was arrested in Staffordshire on Saturday on suspicion of causing grievous bodily harm.

The incident happened when Marc was traveling back from his job, which is a chef, at around 23:15 on Friday night.

At the time of the incident, Marc had the visor of his helmet up when an oncoming car with its lights on full beam, threw an egg, which hit his eye.

Marc said, “As the car passed me I felt something hit me in the face and then I felt something dripping down my cheek.”

Marc added, “I stopped the bike, took my helmet off and realized my hand was covered in blood.”

He continued, “I rang [my fiancée] and all she got was me howling in pain.”

Sarah Simms, the fiancée of Marc, was horrified when she saw what happened to Marc.

Sarah said she was horrified by what she saw and went on to break every speed limit when she was driving Marc to the hospital.

Marc talked about him losing an eye.

He said, “The fact I have lost vision in my right eye is horrifying, and all because of someone’s childish act in a car – it is just stupid.”

He added, “And if they do it again, the next person on a motorbike might crash their bike and they might not get up again.”

As of now, Marc is now waiting to know if he can continue his job as a chef once he recovers from the injuries he sustained.

The police arrested the suspect of the case, but they were released on police bail afterward.

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