Dog That Went Missing For Months Cries After Seeing His Father Finally Finding Him

Rustico Samson Jr. and his family lived in darkness for 3 months after their beloved dog Coco went missing.

Coco went missing from their house in the Philippines and it became a nightmare for everyone living on their premises.

Samson, the master of Coco, said that he cried on a daily basis because they were so much attached to Coco.

During an interview with the Dodo, Samson said:

I cried. There was so much sorrow, so much pain. Coco is more than a pet. He’s family.

Despite months passing by, the family did not give up looking for the dog.

Samson scoured throughout his city in the Philippines despite knowing that it could take him forever to find the dog.

He also asked people near their house and in their city to call him if they spotted his dog, which he had shown everyone.

3 months after Coco disappeared from their house, Samson got a call, where he was informed that a dog fit his description.

The dog was found in a parking garage, so Samson just rushed to the scene and made sure that he could see the dog before it rushed away.

Recalling the moment, Samson said:

Right at that moment, when I saw a dog lying on the floor of that parking garage, I knew it was him. I was a thousand times sure that it was Coco.

Samson said that he was overwhelmed and extremely happy when he saw Coco again.

Coco was crying when he was reunited with Samson and the best thing about this is that the entire incident was caught on cam.

Samson said:

I was overwhelmed. I was so happy. I think Coco felt the same way at that moment. You could hear him crying like a baby.

After the family of Samson found out that Coco had been found, their aching hearts were healed right away.

Coco lived on the streets for 3 months.

Luckily, it was nothing but love for his family.

Coco was in bad health and was very skinny and dirty when Samson found him again.

Talking about the situation in their house, Samson said:

The house is full of positive auras again. Good vibes are back.

Samson said that he would have never stopped looking for Coco despite the fact that he could be anywhere.

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