Father Shares Severely Deaf Baby Daughter’s Amazing Reaction After Turning On Her Hearing Aids

A 32-year-old father is melting the hearts of millions of people after he shared a video of his daughter’s amazing and adorable reaction after turning on her hearing aids.

32-year-old Paul Addison from Harrogate posted a video on Twitter that showed his 4-month-old daughter Georgina reacting to the sound of Louise, her mother.

Paul shared the video on Twitter with the caption: “When our daughter’s new hearing aids are turned on in the morning.”

In the video, Louise could be heard saying “OK, so we just turned your hearing on. Shall we say hello to everybody? Shall we say hello?”

The infant wriggles around with joys and can be seen trying to respond to what her mother was saying.

Little Georgina did a number of happy squeals just before her mother said: “That’s a very loud hello.”

In September this year, Georgina was diagnosed as severely deaf.

Due to her condition, Georgina is forced to wear a hearing aid so she can amplify the sounds around her and can listen properly.

Georgina got her first pair of hearing aids weeks before the video was posted on social media.

Paul Addison, the father of Georgina, said, “It’s absolutely phenomenal. You use these hearing aids and it’s like the lights have been switched on.”

He added, “As a consequence she is immediately more alert, happy, and can hear her mum’s voice, which is absolutely delightful.”

Paul said he gets emotional after turning on the hearing aid of his daughter because he also has a hard time hearing with his left ear.

The video that Paul shared on Twitter has over 5800 retweets, 47,000 likes, 1,900 comments, and over 200,000 views.

Paul said, “There’s a lot to be said about using tools like Twitter for spreading good news and a bit of happiness. It’s quite heartwarming.”

Such an amazing Video! Thanks for sharing it with us Paul, we hope Georgina all the best in life.

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