First-Time Golden Retriever Mother Tries To Console Crying Newborn Puppies With Her Favorite Toys

Becoming a parent is something that is not for everyone, but for the ones that are really keen to become one, they do everything they can to become the best parent one can become.

To prove this point, we bring you an adorable story.

A first-time golden retriever mother was caught on cam trying to console her crying newborn puppies with her favorite toys.

If you are not touched, you are not even human anymore.

Yami, a first-time parent, was anxious and when her 3 newborn puppies started to whine.

But the parent was keen on helping them out, so she started to roam around and do some things to help them stop crying.

The mother ended up getting caught on cam bringing stuffed toys to her 3 crying puppies.

The incident happened in Yami’s home in Zhengzhou, China.

According to reports, the incident happened at the beginning of October.

In the video that was shared on social media, Yami could be seen bringing one of her toys to the bed where her puppies were resting.

She then nudged the toy with her nose as if she was trying to stop them from crying.

But the puppies were still crying, so Yami, the mother puppy, went out to get more of her toys and stop the animals from crying.

During an interview with the DailyMail, the owner of Yami said that the babies took 3 hours to settle down in their new house.

Yami sat down next to them and stroked them continuously with her nose.

The owner of Yami, who did not get identified, was touched and surprised when she saw the video after coming home.

During the interview, she said:

It was the first time I saw [her] doing this. Sometimes she would remain standing [while feeding] to avoid crushing them. I’ve also spotted her fetching warm clothes for [the puppies].

The video was first shared on Douyin, a Chinese version of TikTok.

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