Gang-Rape Victim In Bangladesh Forced To Marry One Of The Attackers In A Police Station So Police Could Avoid Prosecuting The Suspects

2 police officers have been suspended in Bangladesh after a gang-rape victim was forced to marry one of her attackers so the police officers could avoid prosecuting the rapists.

A mother of three kids was gang-raped by 5 men on different occasions from August 29 to August 31 in the northern district of Pabna, Bangladesh.

The horrible news broke out earlier this week after the brother of the victim said the officers at the police station forced her to sign documents divorcing her husband and marrying the main suspect behind the rape.

The divorcing and the marriage took place when the woman tried to file a complaint against the 5 men.

Mohammed ibne Mizan, the Deputy Police Chief of Pabna, said the police forced the woman to marry the main suspect to prevent him and the 4 other men from being prosecuted.

In a statement that was released by Chief Mizan, it confirmed that the incident happened and they have suspended 2 police officers.

The statement said, “We have suspended sub-inspector Ekramul Haq for helping the marriage between the victim and one of her suspected rapists, who is also the chief accused.”

The statement added, “We have also withdrawn the officer-in-charge of Pabna Sadar police station from his duty after he allowed the marriage to take place in the police station compound.”

The Chief of the Police did not mention how long SI Haq would be suspended for and where Officer Sadar is being transferred to.

4 people have been arrested so far.

One of the main accused is a low-level official who is with the Awami League Party.

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