3 Russian Sisters Kill “Sexually Violent” Father Who Constantly Raped And Abused Them

Prosecutors in Russia are having a hard time finding jurors for a high-profile case of 2 sisters that murdered their own father with a hammer because he raped them.

19-year-old Kristina Khachaturian, 18-year-old Angelina, and 17-year-old Maria, stabbed their father to death and beat him up with a hammer because of the horrible things that he was doing to them.

The sisters said that he raped them for years.

The trial is set to go ahead against the 2 older sisters because Maria was under 18 and is being dealt with separately over the killing of 57-year-old Mikhail, their father.

The incident happened in a apartment of the family in Moscow, Russia.

However, there is a problem in the case.

Prosecutors in Russia are having a hard time finding jurors.

Jurors are to be unaware of the details of the case so they are not prejudiced when considering it.

A widespread outrage in public was seen for the incident, considering that women are treated very poorly in the country.

Many said that the sisters should have been given counselling instead of being placed in trial.

The defense team said that they acted in self-defense and had no other choice in the incident.

The father of the 3 girls was sitting in an armchair and watching TV when the sisters attacked him simultaneously.

The 3 daughters were arrested with Kristina and Maria were brought into custody, but Angelina, was stabbed in the incident and was brought to the hospital.

A police spokesperson said that the 3 girls confessed the crime to the police.

The girls claim that their father would rape them if he was displeased on how they would do something.

The father also kept a handgun inside their house and would shot at them in order to scare them after the rape.

When the police investigated the scene of the house, there were bullets stuck in the walls of the apartment.

Prosecutors accepted the unlawful acts of the father were the motive for the crime.

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