Gay Penguins At Berlin Zoo Are Soon To Be Dads

Skipper and Ping, 2 penguins at the Berlin Zoo, have been waiting to have a chick of their own since forever, and it looks like the creator wanted them to taste what it feels like to be parents.

The two penguins are soon to become parents after they took in an abandoned egg and started to take care of it.

During an interview with Berliner-Zeitung, a news agency in Germany, Maximilian Jager said that the paternal instincts of Ping and Skipper have come out since they have adopted the abandoned egg.

Maximilian added, “The two penguin men behave like exemplary parents and warm the egg alternately.”

The two are warming the abandoned egg by putting it under their feet and incubating it until it hatches.

The zookeepers at the Berlin Zoo are also helping Skipper and Ping take care and keep the abandoned egg safe from penguins who may steal it.

Norbert Zahmel, a zookeeper at Berlin Zoo, said, “We just had to put it on the feet of one of the guys, and he already knew what to do.”

The zoo hasn’t had a chick since 2002, and Norbert said that “A successful hatching would be great” for everyone.

Skipper and Ping are both 10-years-old.

The two moved to the Berlin Zoo from the Hamburg’s Tierpark Hagenbeck zoo in April, and since they were brought in, they have been inseparable.

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