Windproof And Waterproof Sleeping Pods With Solar Panels Are Installed For Homeless In German City

A city in Germany is installing windproof and waterproof sleeping pods with solar panels for the homeless people.

The cabins, which have wood and steel cabins, can fit it up to 2 people.

It will help the homeless have protection against the cold, the wind, and humidity.

Not only that, but it also guarantees fresh air circulation.

The pods were installed in the city of Ulm, which is around 75 miles west of Munich.

They were placed in parks and other areas where the homeless people are usually seen sleeping.

The news was confirmed by a city spokesperson.

The best thing about this is that the privacy of the homeless are also ensured during their stay in the pods.

There are no cameras in the pods, however, a sensor was installed to know if the pods are being used.

The sensor allows the social workers to check on the pod after it is used so it can be cleaned and it can be repaired in case a damage is sustained.

The capsules are also equipped with solar panels and are connected to a radio network.

This allows the occupants to communicate without needing a mobile phone.

The creators of the Ulmer Nest said that they did it to help the people that are in rough times.

They also noted that there was a delay in the installation because of the ongoing pandemic.

The authorities are now trying to find out if the pods are suitable for protection against frostbite.

If it is, the authorities will be going with a nationwide rollout.

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