South Korean Hiker Turns Trash Collected From Mountain Parks Into Art To Stop People From Littering

A South Korean hiker is currently viral on the internet right now thanks to the amazing thing that she is doing.

The hiker is turning the trash that they collected from mountain parks into impressive pieces of art.

She does this to stop people from littering trails.

30-year-old Kim Kang-eun started her cleaning art campaign after she found a number of rubbish materials littered on the slopes of Mount Jiri, which is the largest national park in South Korea.

Kim was not happy with what she saw, so she ended up founding a group named Clean Hikers, which is a group that is dedicated to clear the trash from the mountain trails and other mountain parks of the country.

However, she and her team were not just picking up trash for disposal, they were turning the trash into art.

During an interview with the local press, 30-year-old Kim said that junk art is compelling and it is also well received by the people that see it.

Kim added:

Junk art is more compelling and well received by people, rather than just saying let’s not litter. We can make an interesting image and it attracts people’s attention.

Kim also said that they could not clean up the entire mountains in the country, so the thing that they could do is spread awareness about it and tell people to make good choices.

Kim continued:

We cannot clean up the whole mountains. The more important thing is to keep doing this activity, tell people about this, and make more people join. This is much more crucial.

Kim and her team are continuously creating new art from the trash that they collect.

So far, they have created collages of a fish, a bird, a cat, a butterfly, and a human being with the slogan ‘Save The World’ from the trash that they collected.

The artworks have been placed on mountain tops for hikers to notice them during their trails.

A statement that was released by the Korea National Park Service (KNPS) said that the number of visitors in South Korea’s 3 national parks has risen more than 20 percent in October compared to the same month last year.

The footfall has increased as the coronavirus restrictions in the country are being lifted up.

Such an amazing thing to do!

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