Italian photographer captures stunning picture of the moon surrounded by celestial rainbow

A photographer from Italy has captured one of the rarest images of the moon that a human has ever captured.

The picture shows the moon being surrounded by a celestial rainbow.

The rare phenomenon is also known as the lunar corona, which happens when the light reflecting off the surface of the moon is split by water or ice particles that are present in the air.

The picture that we are talking about was captured by Alberto Ghizzi Panizza near Parma, a place in Northern Italy.

Talking about the picture, he said:

I have seen this phenomenon several times, but I had never been able to photograph it. This time, seeing it from home for the lockdown, I had with me all the necessary equipment to best capture this moment. Between 10pm and 12am I took a few hundred photos of the moon that created halos, iridescences and crowns among clouds and veils.

The picture shows a night-time rainbow surrounding the moon.

This does not happen very often and not everyone who gets to see it gets amazing pictures of it.

Panizza shared the image on Instagram along with the caption:

This is the blending of a good portion of these shots to emphasize the colors of both the corona and the lunar minerals.

Such a rare capture!

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