Maharashtra: Man Murders Married Woman After She Refused To Do Sexual Advances With Him

Virar, Maharashtra: 30-year-old man murders a married woman, whose identity was not revealed, after she rejected to have sex with him.

Hemant Katkar, a PRO, said that the married was found dead near her farm in Saiwan Ara of Virar, Maharashtra on July 15, 2019.

Officials said that her head was smashed when she was found.

The police arrested 30-year-old Rajesh Pawar, the main accused after a case was registered under the Indian Penal Code Section 302, which is for murder.

PRO Katkar said that 30-year-old Pawar has confessed that he committed the crime.

Investigations revealed that the incident happened when the married woman was on her way to their agricultural farm.

The police said that Pawar approached the woman and told her to have sex with him, but the woman refused.

The woman also told Pawar that she will tell his intentions to the elders of the village and her husband.

After their argument, Pawar attacked the married woman with a sharp weapon and smashed her head.

The police arrested him on July 17, 2019.

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