Minnesota Teacher Donates Her Kidney To School Custodian To Save His Life

Not all heroes wear capes, some are teachers!

A teacher in Minnesota, USA, is currently viral on the internet after their amazing and selfless act was shared on social media.

Patrick Mertens, 64, was in dire need of a kidney transplant and the school where he was working at helped them spread the news.

The staff at the Kimball Elementary School set a fundraiser to help the man pay his dialysis treatment, but despite that, the condition of Mertens was deteriorating.

Kayla, the daughter of the school custodian, posted a plea on Facebook, where she asked potential donors to come forward and help them out.

Someone did, but they did not know that it would be someone they know personally.

Erin Durga, a 3rd Grade teacher at the Kimbal Elementary School, was the one.

During an interview with the Washington Post, Durga said:

I felt in my heart, from the very beginning, that this was my thing. Once I decided that, yes, I’m going to donate to Pat, I felt really good about it, and I was at peace with it throughout the entire thing.

Tests were carried out to confirm that Durga was the match.

After it was confirmed, Durga drove to the house of the custodian and told them the good news, which the family loved!

The best thing about this is that she was wearing a t-shirt that said “DONOR” and the family got to know that good news was here.

The procedure was carried out in July of this year and Mertens said that they were nervous going in, but Durga, the teacher, said that the surgery was going to be good and he will be alright.

Mertens said the positive attitude of Durga helped him face the surgery.

The patients emerged from the operation and were in good condition.

The 2 even returned to their jobs in August this year!

Since the operation, things turned around for the Mertens Family.

The man said he is now capable of doing the things that he used to do and gets to spend more time with loved ones.

He also gets to work more.

The man and his wife are thankful to Durga.

Lynda Mertens, the wife of the custodian, said that Durga is their miracle.

She added: “She’s our miracle, our angel. We’ll forever be grateful for her.”

Such an amazing story amidst times like these!

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