Over 1200 Animals Adopted During Clear The Shelters Event In North Carolina

Raleigh, North Carolina: During the “Clear the Shelters”, the WRAL teamed up with 12 local shelters to find forever houses for animals that have been living in animal shelters.

After the event ended, the officials said that 1250 animals were adopted during the event.

Constance Wright adopted a new cat during the shelter, she said she is going to name the cat “Renee Wright”.

Constance and Sanai Rouse, her granddaughter, went to the Animal Protection Society of Durham early to adopt.

Constance said, “We wanted to be first in line to get first dibs on the kitten that she wants.”

Sanai Rouse said, “I’m feeling amazed. This cat is so cute. She’s black.”

In the event, the adoption fees were waived.

Dr. Jennifer Federico with the Wake County Animal Center talked about the event.

Dr. Jennifer said, “Normally, we’re still adopting out animals out to 6 p.m. So when we looked at our watches and it was 2:30, we were sending volunteers home that just got here because there were no animals to advocate for.”

Dr. Jennifer added, “Even if it’s just 48 hours of breathing room, to clean, to deep clean, to get kennels in, to do what we need to do, it’s still a great feeling.”

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