Russian Millionaire Flies 725 Kilometers To Visit McDonald’s For Big Mac And Fries

A 33-year-old Russian millionaire flew 725 kilometers to visit a McDonald’s so they could eat big mac and fries.

Viktor Martynov, 33, flew 720 miles and spent nearly $2,680 to acquire a Big Mac and fries.

The millionaire just wanted to satisfy his cravings.

The 33-year-old millionaire was holidaying in the Crimea when he had the cravings.

McDonald’s along with many other western companies are not allowed to operate in the religion of Crimea.

Martynov used a helicopter to fly out of the area.

He went to the nearest area of Krasnodar in order to buy himself a McDonald’s meal.

According to reports, the millionaire had cravings for McDonald’s when he was staying at a resort in the Black Sea.

He ended up flying, picked up some Big Macs, fries, and milkshakes, and returned to his resort in a few hours thanks to the helicopter that was used.

During an interview with the press, he talked about what happened.

The man said that he was on a holiday with his girlfriend in Alushta when he had the cravings.

The man added:

This is how it was – I was on holiday with my girlfriend in Alushta. We had a craving for normal Moscow food. We decided to board a helicopter, fly to Krasnodar, and go to McDonald’s. We had a meal there and got back.

Well, if you have the money, who’s stopping you?

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