This Abandoned Dog With A Senile Cataract Has Been Waiting For Her Owner To Return For Over 10 Years

Dogs are extremely loyal to their owners, and this is why people consider them as man’s best friend. Their love is unparalleled no matter how rich, poor, happy, sad, or angry you are. They would do anything to make you smile and feel better.

They can’t talk, but their expressions and behaviors tell a lot of things about how they feel.

With this comes the sad story of a small corgi that has been living in the streets for over 10 years and is still waiting for her owner to come back.

“나 지금도 여기 있어요..”

“나 지금도 여기 있어요..”어린강아지였던 복실이가 할머니가 다 되도록평생 한 자리를 떠나지 않는 이유..A puppy waited until she became a grandmaA dog stays in place for ten years…What's her secret..?

Posted by SBS TV동물농장x애니멀봐 on Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Bokshil, a small corgi, still waits at the entrance of an apartment where she was left at by her owner.

The dog is now in its final years, but the dog is still waiting for her owner.

A woman who feeds the dog on a daily basis said the owner of the dog left the pooch behind when they moved out.

The woman added, “The owner probably lacked the resources to raise a dog.”

According to the people who live in the area, Bokshil has been waiting for over 10 years now. She even mistakes people passing by to be her owner.

When she mistakes some as her owner, residents say she often chases them.

The people who live in the neighborhood provide food, water, and shelter for the pooch.

Residents give her a bed to sleep during the night, but once the sun rises up, the pooch goes back to the place where her owner left her at.

Residents of the area tried to adopt Bokshil, but every time they would bring her to their home, she would come back to the place again.

A neighbor also brought Bokshil to a veterinarian so she could be checked out. The vet said Bokshil has a senile cataract. This prevents her from recognizing people passing by from a certain amount of distance.

Bokshil is still waiting for her owner to return for her.

Bokshil is the perfect example of a loyal dog that is relentlessly waiting for her owner to return for her.

Do you think the owner of Bokshil is going to return for her? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below.

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