UK Based Company Creates Pasta Straws To Combat Plastic Straw Pollution

Plastic pollution is something that is really getting on the nerves of almost everyone, especially the single-use plastics.

In the United Kingdom alone, 4.4 billion plastic straws are thrown away this year. Imagine the number of straws that are being thrown away all around the world.

Luckily we have people like Maxim Glemann, a man who came up with an idea that would stop the usage of plastic straws and replace them with straws that are made out of pasta.

Maxim invented Stroodles, an environmentally friendly and zero waste straws that are made out of durum wheat semolina and water.

During an interview with LADbible, Maxim said, “I worked in the commercial world for a long time, and I started to get sick of it. I’ve always really cared about the environment and I enjoy diving and traveling, so I was aware of the problem with plastic pollution. I came across these fun, edible straws made of pasta and realized they could be used to cut down plastic waste.”

Maxim launched the Stroodles last year, and they have been widely accepted by people everywhere.

Stroodles decompose overnight, they are vegan-friendly, don’t have a flavor, and are capable of lasting an hour or more in soft drinks.

Maxim said people usually end up eating the straws.

Maxim explained how he came up with the idea, he said, “I’m not there to preach and tell people the world is going to die if they keep using plastic. Stroodles are fun to begin with and I think they encourage people to make realizations and think more about their choices.”

He added, “Subconsciously, I think it’s making a difference and they are helping both directly and indirectly. For me, the most rewarding thing is seeing people’s responses to Stroodles. Kids like using them because they’re fun and, hopefully, they will grow up more aware of their impact and the environment.”

You can buy Stroodles through, the official website of the straws.

You can also buy the snack-straw replacement at a number of restaurants and bars in the United Kingdom.

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