Woman Claims Masks Will Not Stop Coronavirus Since Pants Don’t Contain Farts

A woman from California is claiming that masks will not stop the coronavirus because pants cannot contain farts.

That’s a new one.

A woman at a Panera Bread in California, USA, refused to wear a mask because she believes they are useless when it comes to spreading the coronavirus.

Her explanation? Well, it may blow you away.

Yep, pun intended.

The woman said that people can still smell farts through pants, so masks will not protect people from the virus.

The woman, who is being known as Panera Karen, could be seen holding her cellphone over her shoulder.

She could be seen trying to film while hiding her face as a man standing behind her chides her for not wearing a mask.

The woman was eventually told to leave the shop, but she continued to hold her cellphone up during the confrontation.

After some time, the woman walked out of the store.

Social media users are now trying to identify the woman and are asking fellow users to continue retweeting until someone identifies her.

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