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Happy Nag Panchami 2019: Also known as the festival of snakes, the celebration is celebrated every fifth day of the moonlit fortnight in the months of July or August, this depends on the Hindu Calendar of the year.

In the Hindu Religion, snakes are worshiped and have their own place in the culture. In Hindu Mythology, there are a number of tales and stories that are told. Most of them are about Sheshnag of Lord Vishnu.

During the celebration every year, devotees bathe snakes with milk so they can protect their family member’s freedom from snakes.

According to the traditions of India, during the Nag Panchami day, farmers or anyone in the religion should not farm on this day.

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Why is it Celebrated?

In India, snakes are considered as sacred and are worshiped and valued in temples. There are a number of temples in the country that are built to honor snakes.

During the Nag Panchami day, snakes are worshiped and their pictures are worshiped and are honored. People dance during this day and carry snakes in pots over their heads to nag temples anywhere in the country.

After the rituals, priests sprinkle turmeric, red powder, and flowers over the heads of the snakes. The priest will also soak snakes in Milk and honey so they will not harm anyone from the family of the worshiper.

A priest is also called during this day to perform “Dakshina” and rituals. Some higher priests are given gold or silver for performing the rituals.

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