French Government Warns Its Citizens That Cocaine Will Not Cure Coronavirus

The government of France has released a statement warning, where they warned that cocaine will not cure the coronavirus.

The bizarre statement came after a false claim went viral on social media.

A false breaking news alert was shared on social media recently, and it claimed that cocaine could cure the deadly Covid-19 virus, which has killed over 4300 people all over the world.

After the false news went viral on social media, the French Ministry of Social Affairs and Health said, “No, cocaine does NOT protect against Covid-19.”

They added, “It is an addictive drug that causes serious side effects and is harmful to people’s health.”

The tweet was shared as it was announced that France has over 1,100 confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus.

19 people have been confirmed dead in the country.

On Sunday, President Emmanuel Macron held an emergency meeting to discuss the outbreak in the country.

President Macron set the country’s alert level to Stage 2 and announced that they will be banning gatherings where over 1,000 people can be found.

The measures are being done to stop the spread of the virus in France.

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