Isolated Chinese Residents Walk Their pets By ‘Air Dropping’ Them From Balconies 

Coronavirus has asserted more than 2000 lives the world over. Also, as individuals in China remain isolated inside their homes, they’ve have thought of an excellent method to ‘walk’ their pets without leaving their homes.

Chinese pet owners are utilizing too long rope to ‘walk’ their dogs, Daily Mail reports.

Viral recordings show occupants hanging by their windows and clutching their pooches, which are connected to a long rope. They then ‘air drop’ their dogs to the ground, let them walk a specific distance, and pull them back up with the same rope. While some netizens have discovered the pictures and videos clever, many are calling the technique ‘unsafe’ and ‘brutal.’

State media urged the nation’s residents not to duplicate the practice and make it normal.

Isolated Chinese Residents Walk Their pets By 'Air Dropping' Them From Balconies 

A video was recorded in the north-eastern city of Qiqihar on Sunday. It shows a pooch standing while at the same time being bound to a long rope, which is held by its owner, from the first floor. At that point, one sees the owner pulling the animal by yanking the rope.

The motivation behind why it was simple for the owner to walk this pooch was that it was little, and the condo was not very high.

One user remarked, ‘I am giggling excessively. Just those living on the main floor could do this.’ However, one user scrutinized it by remarking, ‘Don’t you realize that canines fear heights?’

Individuals ought not to risk the lives of their pets and take care before pulling off such tricks.

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