Russian Woman Kept Her Daughter Isolated From The Outside World In Appalling Conditions For 26 Years

A woman from Russia was recently found to have kept her daughter isolated in very bad conditions for 26 years.

Tatyana Busheva, the mother of the woman, said that she did the horrible act to protect her daughter from the outside world.

Nadezhda Bushueva, who is now 42 years old, left her house for the first time in the past 2 decades after her mother had to be rushed to a hospital.

It is still unknown why the mother was rushed to the hospital.

Nadezhda and Tatyana lived in the house together with cuts and did not have any access to running water or electricity.

The 42-year-old woman admitted that she had not washed herself since 2006.

In images that were shared with the public, you could see the large clump of hair on the back of her head.

According to reports, the incident happened in the village of Arefinsky, in the Vachsky District of western Russia’s Nizhny Novgorod Oblast.

Nadezhdha said that she and her mother slept together in a single bed and that the house was full of rats and cats.

Inside the house that they lived in, the corpses of the animals were still present.

Talking about her life, Nadezhda Bushueva said:

My life is worse than a cat’s life. Cats have more rights. I don’t even exist anymore. I’m the living dead.

After Tatyana retired, she and her daughter lived a secluded lifestyle.

The mother also rejected help from social services and other officials.

Tatyana initially prevented Nadezhda Bushueva from leaving their house when she was 16 years old. However, she got used to not leaving the house and stopped trying to.

The mother also did not allow her to finish her studies or to work.

Vasily Tovarnov, a local council leader, said that Nadezhda went to speak with the authorities after her mother was hospitalized.

Tovarnov said:

Nadezhda came to my office by herself. We wanted to feed her, we prepared her sandwiches, but she didn’t eat anything. But she is not insane.

Nadezhda Bushueva asked the authorities for a passport and a place where she could work.

Local media agencies reported that Nadezhda Bushueva is currently afraid to make some changes in her life as she is scared that she will not be capable of understanding our current world works.

Her fear of learning new stuff also stopped her to go to the hospital with her mother when she was found in a very bad situation.

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