Teacher Banned From Teaching After Shooting Staples At Students, Placing Them In Headlocks, And Making Comments About Vagina

A newly qualified teacher has been banned from the profession of teaching after he was caught shooting staples at students, putting them in headlocks, dragged a student across the floor, and made a stupid comment about a vagina.

Joshua Brandon Lewis, the teacher, was banned from teaching for “unacceptable professional conduct” after a panel heard the things he did to students.

Lewis reportedly struck paper to a student’s head with glue, pulled chairs from underneath children, shooting staples at students, putting them in headlocks, dragged a student across the floor, and made a stupid comment about a vagina.

A panel from the Teaching Regulation Agency found the teacher used abusive and derogatory language towards pupils, which includes using the word retard.

Lewis, the teacher, joined Carlton le Willows Academy in Nottingham as a newly qualified math teacher in 2017.

In his first year of teaching, he made the comment about the vagina to a student.

After a pupil described a drawing as looking like her friend’s vagina, Lewis reportedly said, “If your vagina looks like that you have got a problem.”

The teacher later admitted that the comment that he made was a stupid comment.

Alan Meyrick, the decision-maker, said, “The panel took the view that Mr. Lewis had not intended to be malicious in making this comment and that he had actually intended for it to be a joke.”

Alan added, “Nevertheless, the panel considered the comment to be wholly inappropriate.”

The 26-year-old teacher was also found to have dragged a pupil along the floor.

The teacher also reportedly placed one or more in headlocks and spreading glue on a piece of paper, then sticking it on the side of a student’s face.

A number of pupils said the behavior of Mr. Lewis left them uncomfortable.

The Teaching Regulation Agency banned the 26-year-old from the profession indefinitely.

The teacher was found guilty of unacceptable professional conduct and behavior that could bring the profession into disrepute.

The panel found out that the teacher did not show any remorse or insight into the panel for the actions that he did.

The teacher failed to attend the hearing.

Craig Weaver, the headteacher of Carlton le Willows, said, “We welcome the outcome of the hearing and are pleased that it has reached its conclusion this week.”

He added, “This hearing comes after Carlton le Willows launched an initial investigation, in accordance with academy procedure, after concerns were raised with us. We then referred the matter ourselves to the Teacher Regulation Agency.”

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