Backstreet Boys Admit ‘I Want It That Way’ Lyrics Make No Sense

The vast majority of us grew up singing Backstreet Boys’ ‘I want it that way’ as loud as possible.

Also, every time that song plays anyplace even today, it’s absolutely impossible that you won’t discover an individual reciting the verses:


Tell me why

Ain’t nothing but a heartache,

Ain’t nothing but a mistake,

Tell me why

I never want to hear you say,

I want it that way

It fits well, isn’t that so? Do the lyrics really fit well in actuality? As per the Boys, themselves-it doesn’t

Backstreet Boys band member Nick Carter, AJ McLean, Brian Littrell, Kevin Richardson, and Howie Dorough showed up on Watch What Happens to Live this week, and we’re accepting calls from fans.

In a video that is circulating around the web, one fan can be heard asking, “In your melody ‘I Want It That Way,’ for what reason do you sing ‘I never want to hear you say / I want it that way’? What way you not want it to be?”

Backstreet Boys Admit 'I Want It That Way' Lyrics Make No Sense
Backstreet Boys Admit ‘I Want It That Way’ Lyrics Make No Sense

Responding to the inquiry, McLean stated, “Above all else, the tune has neither rhyme nor reason.”

He, at that point, stated, “There was a totally unique adaptation of the tune that really appeared well and good, and fortunately we chose to return to the one that didn’t make sense. I don’t think it would’ve been as large as it seemed to be, had it appeared well and good.”

‘I Want It That Way’ was the lead single from the band’s third record, Millennium, which turned out in 1999. It was composed by Andreas Carlsson and Max Martin, and it is one of their evergreen melodies. Will we take a look at the melody in a similar way since we realize it formally has neither rhyme nor reason? Only time will tell.


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