Why Does 1 Litre Mineral Water Bottle Costs Rs 20 While 20 Litre Can Costs The Same? Here’s The Reason

Written By : Saicharan Palakurthi

It has been a decade since the advent of packaged water into our lives. With the unbeatable growth in population and pollution, water has become a precious source.

Water bottles and cans have become quite common in our day-to-day lives. There are a plethora of households who purchase packaged drinking water everyday in cities, similarly, tons of travelers who buy liter water bottles on their journeys, as of now, both of these are the most common way of available packed forms of water.

drinking water cans and bottles

All it varies is only in size, massive business is done on processing and selling water, starting with Kinley, Bisleri and Himalaya, many leading beverages’ like Pepsi are about to start their business in the same field.

However, there are times when we look into the price of the water packs, one-liter water bottle generally costs us Rs 20, be it any brand, generally quoted as packed mineral water. While a 20 liter can of water surprisingly cost us the same.

Ever wondered about the reason behind this?

mineral water bottle vs water cans price difference

Well, the 20 liters can is represented with the quote, packaged/filtered drinking water, rather than mineral. There is bit science behind this way of availability.

It is believed that the companies that supply these one liter of drinking water bottles are not only filtering the water but are also adding extra minerals and vitamins which are indeed a costly process.

On the other hand, the companies that supply the twenty liters of water can are sold for the same price because they are only doing the filtering process. And in some cases that too is not even done.

20 liter water cans price in india

On the whole, it is now clear that the actual quality of the water in the one-liter bottle is far varying from the huge 20-liters can which we purchase in our daily life.

There is another point that must be noted, as many water bottle companies belong abroad, they charge taxes, manufacturing, maintaining, transporting on the customers altogether, while the cans are made in our locale and are free from that burden.

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