BCCI Just Posted A Vacancy For Short Leg Fielder & Here’s How You Can Apply!

Written By : AIR Staff

Cricket is termed as a ‘gentleman’s game’ but only a few mention the fact that it is one of the most dangerous games too. The players on the field are always at risk irrespective of the no, of protective guards they wear. They are multiple incidents where the players were severely injured and some left their lives on the field.

Are you thinking why am I discussing this? Yes, there is a valid reason for this. There are the days when young aspiring cricketers had to struggle hard in order to make a name for themselves in the Indian cricket team. After the insane craze for IPL, many young aspiring cricketers now have a greater chance to get selected for the national team.

Now BCCI has announced a job vacancy and chances are there for you to apply for the post. Yes, you heard it right! Indian cricket team has been struggling to find a specialist fielder for short-leg position in Test cricket.

Why Is It So Dangerous?

The short-leg position termed as one of the most dangerous positions where you can hurt yourself in cricket. Many cricketers have suffered serious injuries playing at this position. Hence, even many ‘daredevil’ players have now started to avoid playing at such a field position.

It puts immense stress on the lower back, thighs and the knees, and obviously the looming threat of getting struck flush on the head or facial distortions. Or maybe, the risks are too high and the returns too meager.

And that is the reason why BCCI has come up with this lucrative job offering for aspiring cricketers for the ‘short-leg’ fielding position. So here are the things that you need to keep in mind.

Short-Leg Fielder Vacancy In Indian Team:

Team India urgently needs specialist short-leg fielders. The job requires you to stand close to batsman’s shoelaces on spitting subcontinental surfaces. Occupational hazards include broken bones, split webbing and concussions.

Attractive salary: Rs 15 lakhs and additional perks including man of the match award for holding winning catches.

Priority: Priority will be given to candidates with prior experience in the domestic circuit, extra points for bravery awards.

Things to keep in mind: You may suffer from broken bones, punctured ‘balls’, split webbing and concussions.

Suitable candidates can send their CVs to bccitestteam@bcci.com

The way it is for designating short-legs these days a preserve of the fresher, where he should spend his apprenticeship days. It’s a probationary posting, where it’s not the requisite skill but hierarchy that matters.

There is also a swelling perception-shift. The reason for having a short-leg fielder has gone beyond the expedient of it being a catching position. A man in there will make a batsman think twice about thrusting forward with bat and pad together against someone spinning the ball back into them. It is about changing the way the batsman intends to play.

Top Catches At Short Leg Position:

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