Ex-NBA Player Delonte West Is No Longer Homeless And Is Now Working At Same Rehab Facility Where He Got Treatment

A former NBA player, who was the teammate of LeBron James, is no longer homeless and is currently working at the same rehabilitation center where they got treatment from.

Delonte West is currently working at the same rehabilitation center in Florida, USA, where they got treatment after they were helped by Mark Cuban, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, a team in the NBA.

Shams Charania, an NBA Analyst, shared the amazing news on Twitter.

West is also a former Maverick and played for the team for a single season.

It was reported that West is working at the Rebound Therapy Center in Florida, USA, months after he was caught on camera begging for money on a street in Dallas.

He was thin and by the look of the images, it was believed that he was not healthy.

After images of West went viral on Twitter, Cuban got picked up West.

The former NBA player was homeless at the time.

He was found at a gas station by Cuban and the kind NBA team owner helped him by getting him into a rehab facility.

West was also reunited with Delphina Addison, the mother of the NBA player, after being estranged from the family.

West was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in the year 2008.

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