Afraid To Pay Fine, German Football Team Loses 37-0 After Practicing Social Distancing During Match

An amateur football team in Germany lost a match 37-0 after they practice social distancing from their opponents.

The team was concerned about paying a hefty fine of €200 (£182.64) and the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

SG Ripdorf/Molzen II, the team that we are talking about only fielded 7 players as that was the minimum team size required to complete the fixture.

The team was concerned for the game against SV Holdenstedt II, who previously faced off against a team with a player who tested positive for coronavirus.

Despite all of the squad of the opposing team testing negative for the coronavirus, SG Ripdorf was not feeling safe enough to play in the game.

Another thing that they were concerned about was that they had to pay a fine for forfeiting a game in the 11th tier of the German Football team.

The team ended up losing 37-0 because the 7 players that were playing against SV Holdenstedt II practiced social distancing to the max.

Patrick Ristow, the Ripdorf Co-Chairman, released a statement about the actions of the team and explained why they did that.

Ristow explained:

We are thankful those seven players volunteered, otherwise the club would have faced a 200 euros fine for abandoning the match. That’s a lot of money for us, especially amid the pandemic. When the game kicked off, one of our players passed the ball to the opponent and our team walked to the sidelines.The Holdenstedt players did not understand. But we did not want to risk anything. For the rest of the match, our players returned to the field but they only stood on the pitch. There is no perfect solution for it. And we went down this route. We wished Holdenstedt no harm.

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