Man suffers cuts to his face, ear, and neck after being attacked by crocodile while swimming in Lake Placid

A 44-year-old man who was attacked by a crocodile during a swimming session in Lake Placid, Australia, ended up suffering severe cuts on his face, ear, and neck.

According to reports, the man managed to wrestle himself free from the reptile.

Mark Ridge, who is 44, was swimming in Cairns, Queensland, Australia, when the crocodile attacked him.

The incident happened on Thursday of last week.

It was reported that the crocodile managed to take a swipe at the face, ear, and neck of Mark.

Mili, the daughter of Mark, shared the images on social media and it shows that the man has injuries all over his body.

The man is being considered to be one of the lucky ones because no major artery was damaged during the attack.

During an interview with the press, Mili said:

He is at home resting, he said his head hurts a bit and he is in pain but should be OK. There was definite evidence of puncture wounds through his scalp to the right side of his head from either the upper or lower jaw. There were additional puncture wounds, then, to the left angle of the jaw, the cheekbone there and the jaw, corresponding to a bite which the … the animal has bitten his head with jaws either side.

The crocodile that attacked Mark is around 8.5ft long, said the authorities.

It was initially believed that it was just around 6ft long.

It is believed that Mark was doing some swimming training in the water when he felt a sudden impact clasp on the top of his head.

The man is currently recovering from the injuries that they received in the attacked.

Get well soon Mark!

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