Former Indian Bowler RP Singh Triggers Humor On Twitter By Posing A Droll Question On Diwali-Crackers

Saicharan Palakurthi

Rudra Pratap Singh, popularly called as RP Singh is a left arm fast-medium bowler who has represented India in Test, One Day International, and Twenty20 International cricket at peculiar times. However, his presence in IPL remained undisturbed.

rp singh funny tweet on diwali crackers

He is also one of those bowlers who took a maximum number of wickets in the whole IPL seasons. Now, this player is once again on the Internet for his funny question on burning old crackers. On one side there is a critical outrage to burning crackers this year in New Delhi. On the other hand, there are several furious debates that are currently topping the mainstream media.

With the involvement of Shahi Tharoor and Chetan Bhagat on opposite sides, the fight has simply turned ugly. It all started when Supreme Court prohibited the sale of crackers in Delhi-NCR recently. While some welcomed the decision as it would save the environment from being polluted, few opposed strongly taking the issue to every possible corner igniting the religious concerns.

fire crackers banned in delhi

And, while this is in high swing, RP Singh in his tweet wrote, “I have old crackers in my house. Can I burn those or that is also banned? #FireCrackersBan”. There is no word in his tweet that denies the validity of his opinion on anything. He didn’t take sides or do anything. His witty yet surprising question has roped in some humor and criticism.

Twitterati poured in their opinions on the comments and retweets and that turned out to be the stuff that ain’t worth missing, check the funny reactions here:

And this!!!

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