Childhood Home Of Jesus Has Been Found As British Expert Finds Signs Joseph Built It

The childhood house of Jesus Christ has been found after a 14 year-long British Study that was being carried out in Nazareth found signs that the house was built by joseph.

Ken Dark, an archeology professor, believes that Jesus Christ, the Christian son of God, grew up in a house that they had found.

The house is well preserved and is found in northern Israel.

He said that the large house, which is located at the Sisters of Nazareth Convent.

They believe that the house was built by a carpenter-stone mason, just like Joseph, the father of Jesus.

The archeological analysis of Dark also suggests that the house of Jesus had storage rooms around a courtyard.

It also has a roof terrace.

Professor Dark shared his findings in a book that was recently published.

The archeologist had worked 14 years in the field and did continuous research on the site.

The study that was carried out suggested that the craftsmanship and structural understanding of rock were really consistent with being built by and owned by a tekton.

A tekton is a carpenter, stonemason, or a builder.

Joseph, the father of Jesus Christ, was also a tekton, according to the original Greek version of the Bible’s gospels.

Such an amazing find and it means a lot!

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