70-Year-Old American Who Battled Coronavirus Gets A Massive $1.1 Million Hospital Bill

A man from Seattle, Washington, that managed to conquer the coronavirus disease found himself a massive $1.1 million bill from the hospital.

70-year-old Michael Flor was one of the first coronavirus patients in America.

It is reported that he spent 62 days in the Swedish Medical Center in Issaquah to fight the disease.

42 days of his time at the medical center, he was in a sealed intensive care room, with medics only allowed to enter it by wearing plastic suits.

For this stay, he was charged $408,912. And because he was on a mechanical ventilator for 29 more days, that cost him $82,215.

Not only did he get a massive bill, he also lost 40 pounds during his battle with the deadly disease and was unconscious most of the time.

Flor said that at one point of his fight, the doctors told his family that he was not going to make it.

Luckily, he survived, but when he was on his way home the hospital gave him a 181 page medical bill that was broken down into thousands of items.

Flor said that he was expecting a hectic bill, however, he was still shocked because the bill had 7 digits.

The good news for him and his family was that he was covered.

It is reported that they had the national health insurance organization Medicare, along with other additional insurance, and Congressional funding.

He only had to pay $3,000 from his own pocket.

As a total, there were nearly 3,000 itemized charge, which averaged at around 50 per day.

Also, the bill that he god did not include the 2 weeks of recuperating he had to go through in a rehab facility.

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