Couple Wear PPE Kits For Marriage After Bride Tests Positive For Coronavirus

In times like these, everything is just hard, considering that the world is chaotic and

In sickness and health!

A couple in Rajasthan, India, got married outside a coronavirus center while they were wearing PPE kits.

Hazmat suits and masks were worn by the couple after the bride tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

As a result, the couple wore hazmat suits while exchanging vows.

Both families made all arrangements for the wedding, but the plans went south after the bride’s results came back positive just hours before the ceremony.

The couple ended tying up the knot at the Kelwara Covid Centre in Bara, Shahbad, about 430 km from the state capital Jaipur.

The wedding was carried out with all protocols for the coronavirus being followed.

The pandit, which is the Indian word for priest, that was responsible for the wedding, was also caught on cam wearing a hazmat suit.

The bride was admitted to the centre.

Rajendra Meena, a health official, said that the woman and a family member tested positive for the virus.

Meena said:

We consulted with the families and they agreed to get married in the quarantine centre without any elaborate rituals.

After testing positive, the bride and groom were placed in isolation at the center.

After the video went viral, people were left in shock and some were amazed.

Here are some of the comments that were made on Twitter:

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