Doctors Say Coronavirus Could Affect Your Testicles

The coronavirus may cause the testicles of men to swell up and affect the capabilities of the testicles to have children.

The shocking news was shared with the public by doctors in the US.

Medics in the US said that men need to be extra careful right now, especially after a man, who is 37, was brought to a hospital with swelling and ‘discomfort’ in his scrotum.

The patient had been suffering common signs of the virus, but he also had discomfort and swelling of his testicles.

Doctors from the San Antonio Uniformed Services Health Education Consortium in Texas said that the patient had a fever and cough.

They believe that the deadly disease had damaged his spermatocytes, which keep sperm healthy.

The doctors said that the damage to his scrotum was caused by the coronavirus.

They also believe that the damage could impact on the fertility rate of the male patient.

Similar reports of testicular pain amongst male coronavirus patients have been reported previously, however, there has been no research into the claims.

Doctors that treated the most recent case said that it is believed that the virus could have entered his body using the ACE2 receptors on Leydig cells, which are present in the testes.

The latest case was listed in the American Journal of Emergency Medicine.

The doctors said that such cases are considered to be are right now.

Doctors say that they are hoping to raise awareness about them.

Regarding this patient, it is said that he spent a night in the hospital before being discharged and being prescribed with antibiotics and painkillers.

The doctors aid that the pain of the man eased slightly.

It is not known how the person is right now or if is cured with the deadly disease.

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