Doris Hobday, One Of The Oldest Identical Twins, Dies Aged 96 After Contracting Coronavirus

Doris Hobday, 96, who is one of the oldest identical twins, has passed away.

It was recently announced that she had contracted the coronavirus earlier this year.

Doris and Lilian, her twin sister, were both hospitalized after having tested positive for the coronavirus earlier in January.

Lilian recovered from the virus and was discharged from the hospital, however, Doris passed away on January 5 of this year.

The family of Doris released a statement about her death, where they said:

“We are so grateful for all the special memories we have created and got to share with you all. Doris will be laid to rest with her husband who she lost 11 years ago after 65 years of a happy marriage.”

Lilian was told about the death of her sister last week.

Talking about Lilian, the family said that she is currently being comforted.

The family added in the statement:

“She is now being comforted by family and staying with her daughter Vivien while she fully regains her strength.”

The 2 sisters became viral after it was revealed that they are the oldest living twins in the United Kingdom and one of the oldest the entire world.

They also went viral after their hilarious interview with Good Morning Britain, which you can watch below:

The siblings said that they did everything together in life since they were kids and event lived in the same street after getting married.

The 2 also worked together in an ale-making factory in Birmingham, UK.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of the twins, may Doris rest in peace.

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