Foreigners Who Refuse To Follow COVID Rules In Bali Are Being Forced To Do Push-Ups Or Clean The Streets

Authorities in Bali are punishing hard headed foreigners that are ignoring the coronavirus rules that they have implemented in the country to keep the infection numbers low.

According to reports, foreigners that refuse to follow coronavirus rules are being forced to do 25 push ups.

According to a report by the ABC News, around 8860 violations of Bali, Indonesia’s coronavirus laws were recorded in the last week.

Most of those were recorded in tourist areas.

80 percent of the people that got fined for violating the laws were foreigners.

The news was confirmed by the head of the public order police in the Badung administration Gusti Agung Kerta Suryanegara.

Not only push-ups, but a fine of $9 is also being implemented.

If the foreigners do not have money on them to pay the fine, they are asked to do push-ups or clean the streets.

Some people are told to do such things say it’s a joke.

There are 20,255 confirmed cases of the coronavirus in the country.

The areas of Denpasar, Badung, Jembrana, Tabanan, and Gianyar have been made red zones.

The authorities are now considering the fines to $50 in order to make the rules stronger.

Suryanegara said they are  going to do this because foreigners do not show any regret when they are fined or when they are being punished.

Talking about the attitude of some foreigners, they said:

How could I not be annoyed? Sometimes we feel that we have been abused in our country. They usually laugh when we tell them to do push ups. They do it, but they are laughing. There is no regret shown on their faces. It doesn’t work. They often shout at us. Unfortunately we can’t scold them. It’s a test of our patience. It seems that most foreigners in Bali don’t believe that Covid is real. Not only do they not wear masks, many foreigners also don’t wear helmets, speed up their motorbikes carelessly. It is very unsettling.

Suryanegara also noted that foreigners that stayed in Bali are now running out of money and are not paying their rent.

Some of their are also homeless.

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