Gay Indonesian Men Beg For Mercy While Being Caned 77 Times Each For Breaking Islamic Law

2 gay men were begging for mercy as they were being caned 77 times each for breaking a strict Islamic law.

Many people watched the 2 men, who are 27 and 29, begging for mercy as a team of 5 enforcers that were wearing robes and hoods took turns and hit the men.

The men were arrested in November after residents became suspicious and the police broke into their rented room, where they were caught red handed having an intercourse.

The news was confirmed by Heru Triwijanarko, Aceh’s acting Sharia police chief.

During the caning, one of the stick shattered, it was replaced right away.

The punishment was stopped for some time because of a water break.

The mother of one of the men fainted at the scene because she was having a hard time looking at their son being beaten up.

Each man was flogged 77 times.

3 lashes were reduced because they had spent 3 months in prison.

Gay sex is allowed in Indonesia, except for one state.

There were other people that were caned during that day.

According to reports, some where caned because they were caught drinking alcohol and some were seen dating with their opposite sex.

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