Man Climbs Up Hospital Wall To Watch His Mother From Hospital Day And Night Until She Died Because Of Coronavirus

A man from Palestine is all over social media right now because of his courageous acts where he would climb up the walls of the hospital to watch his mother day and night until she passed away from the coronavirus.

There are over 9000 confirmed cases in Palestine as if writing this article, and one of the victims of the disease was the mother of Jihad Al-Suwaiti.

Jihad refused to part with his infected mother after she was brought to the hospital when she tested positive with the virus.

Jihad was not allowed to visit her due to safety reasons, but that did not stop him from seeing his mother.

Jihad, who is from Hebron, would climb the pipeline and would sit outside the hospital window every single day, to make sure that his mother was well and safe.

Sadly, Rasma Salama, the mother of Jihad, passed away.

A hospital official said:

He spent most of his day there, observing his mother’s condition from outside the window, before coming down when he was convinced that his mother was fast asleep

The image of Jihad, which shows him watching over his mother, was shared on social media by Mohamad Safa.

Abang Jihad, the brother, said that his brother watched over his mother and remained stubborn despite being banned from entering the hospital due to security reasons.

He would not part with his mother.

Abang said that their mother had leukemia and was diagnosed with coronavirus a couple of weeks ago.

Being the youngest child of the family, Jihad was very close to his mother.

When he found out that his mother passed away, Jihad became angry and was in disbelief.

However, he has accepted the death now, said Abang.

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