Message From God? Massive Coronavirus Shaped Hailstones Pictured In Mexico

Pictures of massive coronavirus shaped hailstones that were captured in Mexico are currently being labeled as a sign from god to stay inside their houses during this coronavirus pandemic.

The weird-looking hailstones were caught on cam after they fell in the municipality of Montemorelos, which is located in the Northern Mexican state of Nuevo Leon.

After the images were shared on social media, commenters from the country started to say that the hailstones look like the coronavirus.

The particles of the coronavirus in humans are usually spherical and have big crown-like spines, which gives them the name corona.

In Latin, corona means crown.

Jose Miguel Vinas, a meteorologist, and consultant at the World Meteorologist Organization said that hailstones like these fall down in storms of magnitude.

Explaining these weird-looking hailstones, Vinas said:

Inside a storm, a hailstone will start off as a small spherical form and accumulate layers of ice on top. During very strong storms when the hailstone are already quite big and smash together, many of them fuse together, smashing together and squashing each other, forming spikes of ice. So what is falling is a squashed disks of ice, smashed into that shape by a violent blow or the fusing of different sized hailstones, which results in this star shape.

In Mexico, there are around 51,633 confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus, which has caused the deaths of 5,332 people, said the data released by the Johns Hopkins University.

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