New Study Claims Coronavirus Can Infect The Brain And Replicate Within The Cells

A new study found out that the coronavirus is capable of infecting the brain and then replicating within the cells.

The study also found out that the virus levels increasing tenfold within 3 days.

The new research, which is being reviewed by the Altex Journal, looked at the potential neurological effects of the illness by injecting the virus into lab-grown brains.

The brains that were used were developed with the help of human stem cells.

The study is not yet published.

Thomas Hartung, a professor at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, said:

It is really critical to know that our most precious organ can be directly affected by the virus.

The team of Professor and him found out that the virus entered neurons in the artificial brains, which made copies of itself.

The levels of the virus were found to increase 10 times in just a span of 3 days.

The research was unable to prove whether the virus can get past the blood-brain barrier of the brain, which protects the organ against viruses and chemicals.

The blood-brain carrier also prevents infections.

Lab-grown brains share many features with real brains, however, they lack one thing, which is the blood-brain barrier.

Professor Hartung said:

Whether or not the Sars-Cov-2 virus passes this barrier has yet to be shown, but it is known that severe inflammations, such as observed in Covid-19 patients, make the barrier disintegrate.

More research into the neurological impacts of the virus could have important implications when it comes to treating patients.

The report pointed out that if the coronavirus does infect the brains of humans, certain medications that are used to treat the illness will not be effective as some cannot get past the blood-barrier.

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