Sri Lankan Health Minister Who Drank “Sorcerer’s” Potion Tests Positive For Coronavirus

A health minister from Sri Lanka who drank a “sorcerer’s potion” to a void contracting the virus has tested positive for the virus.

Pavithra Wanniarachchi, a health minister, drank a herbal potion earlier this year that was made up of honey and nutmeg earlier this year.

She said at the time that it was going to protect her from contracting the deadly disease.

However, things changed and that potion did not work on her.

It was recently announced that the woman has contracted the coronavirus and the news has led to some criticism in the country.

According to reports, people that have been in contact with the health minister have been told to isolate themselves.

It was also announced that there is no scientific basis for claims that the drink she got is capable of protecting someone from the virus that has killed millions of people.

Despite no evident proof, followers of the health minister did what most of them do, they drank the potion.

Thousands of people in a village got in line for hours to get their hands on the potion that the health minister had taken.

Talking about the drink, the person that made it said that they got the recipe after goddess of Kali appeared in their dream.

The man said that the recipe was given to him by the goddess themselves.

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